The Story

Ash has been performing with his voice all his life.

Obsessed with a Fisher-Price tape deck at the age of 4, recording skits and storytelling with friends at school, and performing rap and spoken word publicly in his teenage years lead him to a degree in performing arts.

On graduating, Ash became the head producer at a video production company and performed narration and voice over in-house. He fell in love with the work. Demand for his voice grew and he made the switch to full-time voice actor without hesitation.

The Professional

Trusted by big brands, smaller organisations, and independents alike, Ash has completed more than 3,000 voiceover projects in the last five years with consistently high ratings and gratuitous praise.

He is the go-to artist for cinematic commercials, advertising and startup campaigns, documentaries, and corporate movies. He’s invariably suitable for e-learning, corporate ID’s, I.V.R and on-hold messaging, and is always expanding his character acting for cartoons, and gaming titles.

The Voice

His voice has been praised as ‘authentic’, ‘emotive’, and ‘awesome’.

Ash has a natural gift for sounding friendly and endearing. He can also enrapture an audience with serious and authoritative tones or slip into a plethora of character roles with ease.

If you want to leverage the power of speech for your project then Ash Steel is a sure choice.

Give Your Project the Power of Speech